"Five Wishes deals with the things people say matter most to them.”  Five Wishes President Joanne Eason said.  “It allows them to clearly state what kind of treatment they want or don’t want so their families aren’t left to guess or second-guess.” PSSC participants' who have completed the document say "it's an important thing to do even if you don't have sickle cell disease.“ We can provide more information on this advance directive/end-of-life care document and help you complete yours. Reach out to us ps.projectspirit@gmail.com.


   Q: What was the most beneficial for you?

   A: "…understanding it is okay to take time to care for self… God is still there in hurt and spiritual distress… and reclaiming self in relationship with God and myself."


   Q: What would you share with someone based on what was learned?

   A: "I was provided space to share my beliefs… to reflect on my life and learn different coping strategies."



   Q: How are you planning to use what you learned? 

    A: "I have learned ways to recognize and avoid unnecessary stress... (PSSC) has truly made a positive impact on my life."


  Q: How has this intervention helped you?

   A: "Learning of the possible correlation between pain from the disease and spiritual pain"


  Q: How were group and the podcast?

  A: "They are so much fun...we make each other laugh and it's just real talk."   

( Sylvia)

Unsolicited candid response:

"Thank you all so much. I appreciate the spiritual support and comfort at such a time. Project Spirit and its chaplains have been such an uplifting part of my life. I appreciate it more than i can say. "